An elegant chatbot, for a more civilized age.

Exobot is a useful chatbot that can do all kinds of things - schedule events, take polls, give out points, and far more. It connects to all kinds of chat services - Slack, Discord, and Twitch, just to name a few.

Exobot is open source and written in ES7 using the latest Javascript has to offer. Decorators (maybe not technically ES7) and async/await provide for easy-to-write plugin and chat service adapter structures. It has a robust, webpack-based build system that generates a single file that you can deploy easily to any host, such as now.sh.

Try out the demo on the right: it's a live Exobot instance, running 100% client-side. (That's right - you can run it without requiring a server at all. Check out your network tab. For this docs site, it's embedded into a static React website.)

Get Started

The easiest way to set up is with the build tools. With node 6+ installed, run:

npm install -g @exoplay/exobot-build
mkdir exobot
cd exobot
exobot new bot
npm start

Check out the docs for more information on configuration, deployment, and writing our own plugins and chat service adapters.

Chat with Exobot